øjeRum - Variationer I Mørke - Cassette

$ 8.00

Denmark's Paw Grabowski began releasing music as øjeRum ("eye Room") nearly a decade ago, but only in the last couple of years has he shared his music with more frequency. The recent sounds of øjeRum often range from long-form ambient experimental pieces to soft-spoken acoustic downtempo folk songs. Variationer I Mørke ("Variations in the Dark") is an hour-long collection of music centered around the guitar, evenly split between nine acoustic songs on the A side and a single long-form piece spanning the entire B side. The music in this collection is comprised of first takes and largely improvised, revealing a truly personal, raw, and honest representation of the artist himself. The songs flow in and out of each other like dreams, allowing the darkness to slowly unveil them to the listener—each one familiar yet each one unique—variations on themes both musical and lyrical. We have admired the visual and aural work of øjeRum for years and are honored to join together with him for this very special release. In addition to his music, he is also an amazing collage artist, and two of his original pieces are represented in the insert for this release. Limited edition, professionally-duplicated silver cassette. Includes download code.