Mukqs - 石の上にも三日 - PR Infolink



Release Date: 3/25/2016

Format: Cassette / Digital

     Mukqs is Maxwell Allison. He plays in the band Good Willsmith and co-runs the label Hausu Mountain. 石の上にも三日 is a solo session presented without overdubs, recorded live with a four-track tape deck as the sound source and two multi-track loop pedals as processing units. Allison's master tape scrolls through a program of woozy synthesis, drum machine bursts, and corrupted samples. As sounds layer into his looping systems, he warps them into a collage of textural sketches that seesaw between hushed consonance and chthonic scrape. His process of improvised loop manipulation channels the transportive synth meditations of Terry Riley, the tape mangling terror of Aaron Dilloway, and the digital randomization of Nobukazu Takemura. Performed without the use of a software interface, the music of Mukqs balances between willful anachronism and some garbled vision of a future constructed from ADD-era internet detritus and romance anime streaming at 360p from the cybernetic ruins.

Stream below / Hi-Res Artwork

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