Big Sir - Digital Gardens - Cassette

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Big Sir is Lisa Papineau (Pet) and Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta, Racer X), who released their first album together in 2000. With each subsequent album, they continue to push their sound to new levels, and Digital Gardens is no exception. Inspired by the digital hardcore sound with a modern approach, Big Sir has reworked songs from their 2012 album Before Gardens After Gardens to be harder, faster, and noisier while still retaining what made those songs great in the first place. Lisa once again brings out the extreme side of her voice that she has not often unleashed since Pet, while Juan's bass frantically blasts these songs in your face. But don't be frightened, as they bring it all back to more familiar territory by the end. Also featured on this release are Dave Elitch and Deantoni Parks, who plays drums on a previously unreleased song. This is not a remix album but an exciting revision of Big Sir as we know and love them. Limited edition, professionally-duplicated aqua blue cassette with gold imprinting. Includes download code. “…Juan Alderete continues to push the boundaries of conventional bass playing with his mind-bending, effects-laden 4-string explorations.” —Bass Player